The Art of

Kristen Abramson

Bronze Sculpture  



About the Artist 

   Kristen Abramson is a fourth generation artist from Northeast Oklahoma. She does bronze sculptures as well as oil and acrylic paintings. She has always been fascinated with the coexistence of nature and art. Her earliest memories are imprinted with treks into the woods and discovering curiosities of the natural world. These experiences fostered a passion for the outdoors. They included trips to Big Cedar Lodge, Bass Pro Shops and to art exhibitions such as Nature Works. It was in these places that she discovered blending the boundary between people and nature could be paradise. 

   Her goal is to share the happiness, enthusiasm and passion that drives her to create art. She enjoys working with the physical nature of clay, watching it form as it grows to literally invade your space. It starts off as small, soft layers and through the lost wax casting process, gets reborn into hard metal. Thus is the transformative quality of bronze sculpture. In painting though, she can explore landscapes and wildlife in a way she cannot with bronze. Painting provides a scene and atmosphere which allows the viewer to figuratively transcend reality. These two mediums allow her a creative balance and versatility to create representational works of art. She simply presents a special fragment-a memorable gift from her experiences-meant to encourage others to cherish and preserve our landscapes and wildlife.